Choose from any one of our available teaching activity templates and import images or words you select from our on-line picture dictionary. Create your own materials complete with visuals based on the needs of your classroom.

Vocabulary building lessons
available by themes are ready for download. Lessons are best for English Proficiency Levels 1 & 2 but can be used as content for advanced grammar lessons.

Choose English lessons based on the English Proficiency of students in your guided reading group or classroom. Resource guides along with various
manipulates and activities are pre-made and ready for download.

Text analysis is available on selected listed books. Select appropriate English Grammar Lessons based on the difficulty of a particular book. Create or choose English Language lessons that best meet the needs of your classroom.

About Us

Our mission is to support classroom teachers serving English Language Learners through the enriching and scaffolding of reading and content curriculum. Using best practices, and a variety of approaches and strategies, our goal is to provide teachers with a diverse toolkit of activities and materials in order to help with their educational practice

  • 1-2 Thematic Vocabulary Units added weekly
  • 2-4 How to Grammar Lessons added monthly
  • 13+ Activity templates to choose from. Import the images you need and then print.

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