Vocabulary Reading Lessons

English Language Learners offer unique challenges for classroom content teachers as ELLs are mainstreamed into regular classrooms. Nonetheless, content teachers are now encouraged and even required to provide ESL/ELD support to ELL

Teachers can search for English lessons for specific reading books in the lesson database or teachers can input content
passages or text that can be analyzed for grammar forms and language purposes. ESL/ELD lesson suggestions and outlines, also known as the “Scope and Sequence Guides” are then provided to the teacher based on the specific inputted passage or text. The guides provided are organized by proficiency levels and grammar forms and elements.

Once teachers have received the lesson scope and sequence guide based on their text, teachers can print out the appropriate grammar lesson based on the needs of their classroom. Afterwards, teachers can create classroom materials based on the vocabulary support needed to augment their planned reading or content lessons.

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